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Teddy Wainwright and the Case of the Murdered Movie Mogul: A Celluloid Detective Mystery

Julie Brayton

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On a typical Saturday in 1936, young girls found their favorite sleuth on the silver screen. Theodore Wainwright was the quintessential celluloid detective. Handsome, debonair, he never broke a sweat while bringing a murderer to justice, all in a under an hour’s time

To some it was a dream job, starting in a string of Hollywood B movie whodunits. Teddy Wainwright thought different. He had higher aspirations.

He longed to become the Man of a Thousand Disguises, to stretch his cinematic wings and play dozens of dastardly characters. Each disguise would be more complicated and challenging than the one before.

It was a lofty dream, one the studio head dashed in short order. Teddy’s face was simply too handsome to hide behind a putty nose.

Then the movie mogul turned up dead. Who killed him and why?

Teddy vowed to put his acting skills into practice to find out. Donning a variety of disguises, Theodore Wainwright infiltrated set after set, searching for a killer. Hoping to solve a real Hollywood murder mystery, hidden in the back lot of a depression era dream factory.

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