Reflections on Population by Rafael M. Salas (Auth.)

By Rafael M. Salas (Auth.)

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29 September 1982) On the matter of the human family planning . . rights aspects of • It was a cornerstone of the World Population Plan of Action that men and women have the right freely and responsibly to decide the number and spacing of their children and the right to the information, educa- Fertility, Status of Women and the Family 21 tion and means to do so. It is a principle which demands respect from the practical and the moral standpoint. By stating this principle, the Plan of Action did not intend to deny governments a part in the population process.

26 November 1983) • It was never in the vision of the signers of the United Nations Charter to achieve peace through the increase of mortahty rates. On the con­ trary, countries have been encouraged where consistent with their pohcies and within the framework of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to moderate fertihty rates in the most humane man­ ner possible. (11 June 1982) • Although the World Population Plan of Action stated t h a t ''all couples and individuals have the basic right to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children and to have the information, education and means to do so", we are a far cry from seeing this recommendation implemented.

Measures to influence and direct migratory movements and to im­ prove population distribution to conform with economic opportuni­ ties should be supported. This is an area of great concern to many countries but httle attention has been given so far to develop effec­ tive policies Eind programmes t h a t take into account local conditions and motivations for such population movements. (18 J u n e 1979) • The spatial distribution of population is becoming a matter of increas­ ing concern to many countries.

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