7 Ancient Keys to Happiness: A 90 Day, Lesson-a-Day Guide to by S. Warren

By S. Warren

Contained in the center of each individual is a wish to succeed in that final country of inner-happiness. In a quest to accomplish the euphoric kingdom of happiness, the 7 old Keys to Happiness were exposed. those old keys were used for millions of years via all varied humans world wide. For the 1st time, '7 historical Keys to Happiness' has collated all 7 of those keys into one succinct, functional, homemade consultant to happiness. historical knowledge tells of a narrative approximately an outdated guy on an ark with plenty of animals, who was once stored from a major flood. - even societies that weren't encouraged by way of Judaic-Christian-Muslim ideals have archaic types of this story as part of their folklore. despite the fact that, were you aware that in line with historical culture, after the flood Noah was once given 7 Commandments? (No, no longer the ten Commandments - that occurred a lot later!) those commandments got for the advantage of mankind to assist determine a brand new international order of contentment and bliss and so they grew to become the world-wide recipe and the root for the 7 old Keys to Happiness. In each tradition, continent and society, a few of these keys are present in one shape or one other, that's evidence in their undying knowledge. utilizing those 7 old Keys to Happiness we'll be guided via an exhilarating, pre-tested and winning route to bliss. So prepare to open your brain to another and historic truth and subscribe to us in this mystical route to town of Happiness. It's time to reside A existence you're keen on & LOVE THE lifestyles you reside. think profitable 1 billion funds, an Olympic gold medal, being elected President, changing into recognized, favorite and enjoyed by means of everyone - all on sooner or later. Take all that excitement you are going to suppose and multiply it by means of on a daily basis of your existence. if you happen to grasp the keys to happiness, it is possible for you to to event this point of delight - AND extra each day. a superb present for your self, troubled-teens or somebody looking for an exceptional lifestyles. (This book/printed model of seven historical Keys to Happiness, includes new, accelerated and re-edited material.)

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It is impossible for one person to MAKE another person happy. We can only do whatever is in our power to do things to please another person. However, happiness is a state of mind and the ability to appreciate the things we have – only we have the power to control our minds and make ourselves happy, nobody else can do this for us – regardless of how hard they try. When we stop expecting others to make us happy, we can start appreciating those people for WHO they are and the efforts they make to bring pleasure into our lives.

That’s not right. You can’t do that. It’s criminal I’m sure It’s not fair. That’s not the way life’s supposed to be - I shout & throw myself on the floor I fight it, become bitter and full of anger and hate I refuse to go forward, to start anew, to open another gate But then I see that by holding on tight to the pain that’s locked inside Doesn’t help me get on with life and bid this unpleasant memory goodbye I look to the future to gain my strength and to know that I can win I can let go, move on, accept my pain and let my new life begin I chose to accept the situation, and I know from it I shall grow I’ll use it to become more kind, compassionate and share with others what I know I’ll use the experience I’ve had to bring out the best in me I’ll use this hurdle in life to help push me higher than I ever thought I could be I trust that this situation was sent here for my good I trust that it was engineered to be just the way it should I trust that in the future I’ll be able to see and say Without that hardship in my life I wouldn’t be person I am today Regardless of the pain we have felt, and how completely wrong the perpetrator was, we need to let go.

G. I accept that I was beaten up, I refuse to be a victim anymore. I know their behaviour has no reflection on me as a person; I’m a good, loveable and wonderful person. I accept that life doesn’t appear fair, but that’s ok, I’ll still be able to become a great person not despite my pain, but because of it. ’ Or ‘I accept that life doesn’t have to be the way I want it to be. And I’m willing to go along with it and look for the positive side of a situation that I initially didn’t want to accept’ 2.

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