A Look at Progress, Utilization and Theory by Trond Overland

By Trond Overland

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Now let us have a look at some potential practical applications of that spiritual truth. 59 A Look at Progress, Utilization and Theory PROUT Progress or regression are the two options available for human beings who have risen above the stage of blissfully innocent animality. According to PROUT, there are two forces dragging at human beings: Forward and backward. The forward unifying force is a synthetic force, whereas the backward divisive force is analytical. Today the whole world is becoming polarized for a conflict between the forces for progress and exploitation.

Around the turn of the century more than one fourth of the annual gross world product was generated in North America. In contrast the combined force of Latin America, Africa and Asia (minus the exceptions of Japan and oil-rich Middle East) could produce only one fifth. There is nothing wrong with North Americans being industrious or even involved. The fact remains however that less than 8% of the world's population live there while almost four out of every five persons in the world live in the other areas mentioned.

So far thinkers have not been able to come up with successful solutions to the fundamental problems facing human beings. Humanity of the 21st Century still does not know how to live together, understand each other, serve one another. In the previous chapter we commented on the colossal failures of Marxism and Capitalism, the two most favored theories of the previous century. The sole reason for the inability of thinkers to come up with satisfactory solutions is that human intellect is limited and subject to the continuous changes in the relative factors of time, place and person.

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