A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome by L. Richardson Jr.

By L. Richardson Jr.

The 1st such dictionary on the grounds that that of Platner and Ashby in 1929, a brand new Topographical Dictionary of historical Rome defines and describes the identified structures and monuments, in addition to the geographical and topographical beneficial properties, of historical Rome. It offers a concise background of every, with measurements, dates, and citations of vital historical and sleek resources.

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There was no stair in front, the temple being approached by two small stairs on the flanks of the pronaos. In the interior were columns of africano with figured Corinthian capitals of white marble that included tripods and serpents. They carried an entablature with a frieze showing scenes of a battle on horse and a triumph. A series of aediculae revetted with col­ ored marble and gilded stucco surmounted by pedi­ ments alternately triangular and lunate filled the intercolumniations. The pavement was also of colored marble.

The original dedication day was 13 July, thereafter the occasion of the Ludi Apollinares. The god very early carried the epithet Medicus. Despite variations in the word­ ing of accounts of its location, they all point to a place between Piazza Campitelli and the Theater of Marcellus, where were unearthed substantial re­ mains, especially of the principal façade and east A P O L L O C A E L IS P E X flank. The revetment of the exterior was all in white marble, the pronaos hexastyle, pycnostyle, with three columns on each flank, the columns Corinthian with Attic bases, elegantly carved with the flutes al­ ternately wide and narrow.

In it, at the point where it emptied into the Tiber, the image of the Magna M a­ ter, her carpentum , and her sacred implements were bathed annually on 2 7 M arch, the anniversary of her arrival in Rome. At this point the image had been transferred from ship to carpentum (Ovid, Fast. 1 —2 ; Amm. M arc. 7). Alta Semita (Fig. 7 2 ): presumably the street along the spine of the Quirinal on the line of modern Via del Quirinale and Via Vend Settembre that gave its name to the sixth regio of Augustan Rome in the regionary catalogues.

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