Advanced Education Psychology by Tara Chand and Ravi Prakash

By Tara Chand and Ravi Prakash

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The self-conscious emotions: theory and research

Well timed and authoritative, this quantity experiences the breadth of present wisdom at the self-conscious feelings and their function in mental and social functioning. major investigators technique the topic from a number of degrees of study, starting from uncomplicated mind mechanisms to advanced social methods.

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The child answers the question by moving one or more sliders upon which the digits 0 through 9 are printed. The answer appears in square holes punched in the paper upon which the question is printed. When the answer has been set, the child turns a knob. The operation is as simple as adjusting a television set. If the answer is right, the knob turns freely and can be made to ring a bell or provide some other conditioned reinforcement. If the answer is wrong, the knob will not turn. A counter may be added to tally wrong answers.

To him, the "free inner man" who is held responsible for the behaviour of the external biological organism is only a prescientific substitute for the kinds of external causes of behaviour which are susceptible to scientific analysis. Hence there is no place in scientific psychology for study of the personal experience of a man. Skinner sees the practice of some scientists, who indicate that they are describing only half the universe and that there is another half—a world of self, mind, or consciousness—as a part of the cultural heritage from which science has emerged but which now stands in the way of a unified scientific account of nature.

A person is inconsistent only when he holds two opposites at once and under the same assumed conditions. The process of testing hypothesis by the use of data is one asking whether the data agree with the hypothesis. Which hypothesis, if any, causes the data to fall into a thoroughly harmonious pattern? A problem can be considered solved beyond reasonable doubt when and only when (1) one proposed solution presents a pattern which harmonizes all the data which have been obtained......... " 4. All pertinent, available evidence is examined before 66 conclusions are drawn.

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