Advanced Grammar in Use with Answers by Martin Hewings

By Martin Hewings

An absolutely up to date model of the hugely profitable grammar identify. This new revised version focuses particularly at the complexities of grammatical offerings that complicated scholars have to delight in. additionally it is a finished easy Grammar Reference so scholars can simply overview their figuring out of language parts they've got formerly studied.

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Ash sto¯n } ashtonite See mordenite. { ashиtə nı¯t } ash viscosity [GEOL] The ratio of shearing stress to velocity gradient of molten ash; Arthrodira 26 Astian indicates the suitability of a coal ash for use in a slag-tap-type boiler furnace. { ash vis ka¨sиədиe¯ } ashy grit [GEOL] 1. Pyroclastic material of sand and smaller size. 2. Mixture of ordinary sand and volcanic ash. { ashиe¯ grit } asiderite See stony meteorite. { ə sı¯dиə rı¯t } Aso lava [GEOL] A type of indurated pyroclastic deposit produced during the explosive eruptions that formed the Aso Caldera of Kyushu, Japan.

A¨r jirиə dı¯t } arid erosion [GEOL] Erosion or wearing away of rock that occurs in arid regions, due largely to the wind. { arиəd i ro¯иzhən } Aridisol [GEOL] A soil order characterized by pedogenic horizons; low in organic matter and nitrogen and high in calcium, magnesium, and more soluble elements; usually dry. { a ridиə so˙l } ariegite [PETR] A group of pyroxenites composed principally of clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene, and spinel. { arиe¯ a¯ zhı¯t } Arikareean [GEOL] Lower Miocene geologic time.

O˙ jı¯t } augitite [PETR] A volcanic rock consisting of abundant phenocrysts of augite in a 29 augitophyre glassy groundmass containing microlites of nepheline and plagioclase, with accessory biotite, apatite, and opaque oxides. { o˙иjə tı¯t } augitophyre [PETR] A porphyritic rock in which the phenocrysts are augite and the groundmass is potash feldspar. { o˙ jidиə fı¯иər } aulacogen [GEOL] A major fault-bounded trough considered to be one part of a threerayed fault system on the domes above mantle hot spots; the other two rays open as proto-ocean basins.

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