Advanced Polymer Chemistry by Chanda

By Chanda

This quantity employs a pragmatic, problem-solving method of figuring out the designated chemistry, kinetics and mechanisms of polymer synthesis. It offers a finished research of the tools of synthesis and strategies of characterization particular to polymers. There are over 2000 equations, literature references, drawings, illustrative examples, routines, and worked-out difficulties and solutions to enhance crucial suggestions mentioned in the course of the textual content.

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A diol and a diisocyanate), which react without eliminating any small molecule. To overcome such problems, chemists have introduced a definition which describes condensation polymers as consisting of structural units joined by internal functional groups such as ester (-~n-O-), amide 0 /CO- 0 (-~-NH-), imide (-N\c0),_ urethane (-O-~-NH-),Q sulfide (-S-), ether 0 (-0-), carbonate (-O-~-O-), and sulfone (-~"-) linkages. A polymer satisfying either or both of these definitions is classified as a condensation polymer.

Polymer nomenclature has been largely a matter of custom without any one system being universally adopted. Though a systematic IUPAC nomenclature now exists for polymers just as it does for organic and inorganic chemicals, this nomenclature is, however, rarely used for polymers because a commonnaming system is deeply entrenched through the force of usage. The commonnaming system, based either on the source of the polymer, the structure of the polymer, or trade names, usually works without difficulty because the numberof polymers that are of interest to the average worker in the field does not exceed a few dozens, and the burden of memorization is thus not excessive.

Both structure and mechanismare usually needed in order to clearly classify a polymer. MOLECULARARCHITECTURE Polymers can be classified, based on structural shape of polymer molecules, as linear, branched, or network (cross-linked). Schematic representations are given in Fig. 3. 3 Schematic representation of various types of polymermolecules. The branch points and junction points are indicated by heavydots. Linear polymers have repeating units linked together in a continuous length [Fig. 3(a)].

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