All Families are Psychotic by Douglas Coupland

By Douglas Coupland

All households Are Psychotic is the 7th novel by way of Douglas Coupland, released in 2001. the unconventional is the fictitious tale of the dysfunctional Drummond kin and their adventures on a visit to work out their daughter's area trip release.

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The techniques can be studied only in the works, for there are virtually no treatises or even isolated comments on the craft of fiction until quite late in the eighteenth century. Much of what appears to be technical advice or criticism is in fact part of a debate on the nature of reality. I have, of necessity, devoted a long and independent chapter to the development of the techniques of Realism; but from the prefaces I will try only to give evidence for the different concepts of reality, and the novelists' attitudes toward it.

The roman tradition was powerful; the novela from the outset shared many elements with the roman. 64 The French persistently admired and imitated the most romanesque elements of the nouvelle or novela, because these elements fit in better with the classical theories of art. These elements were, in particular, a seriousness of tone and manner, and a self-conscious artistry in style and technique. Neither is inconsistent with the novel as we think of it today, but for the moment, realism in our sense had taken refuge in works which provoked laughter, and which mocked the art of the roman.

Yet in their settings, these nouvelles maintain a considerable 52 Charles Sorel, La Maison des jeux (1642), quoted by Hainsworth, p. 127. 53 Hainsworth, p. 162. 33 Evolution of the French Novel distance from what we now regard as realism, and this distance guided the evolution of the nouvelle in France, if not the novel in England. The promise of renewal through imitation of the novelet thus failed, because the novela could not resist assimilation by the roman. The roman tradition was powerful; the novela from the outset shared many elements with the roman.

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