An Introduction to Wavelets Through Linear Algebra by Michael W. Frazier

By Michael W. Frazier

This article used to be initially written for a "Capstone" direction at Michigan nation college. A Capstone direction is meant for undergraduate arithmetic majors, as one of many ultimate classes taken of their undergraduate curriculum. Its function is to collect diversified issues coated within the undergraduate curriculum and introduce scholars to present advancements in arithmetic and their functions. simple wavelet concept seems an ideal subject for this sort of path. As a topic, it dates again basically to 1985. due to the fact that then there was an explosion of wavelet learn, either natural and utilized. Wavelet idea is at the boundary among arithmetic and engineering. specifically it's a sturdy subject for demonstrating to scholars that arithmetic study is flourishing within the modern-day: scholars can see non-trivial arithmetic principles resulting in typical and critical functions, equivalent to video compression and the numerical resolution of differential equations. the single must haves assumed are a uncomplicated linear algebra historical past and slightly research history. this article is meant to be as simple an advent to wavelet thought as attainable. it's not meant as a radical or authoritative reference on wavelet concept.

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4. 55 Let U and V be n-dimensional vector spaces over C (similarly if both are over R). Suppose T : U → V is a linear transformation. Let R be a basis for U and S a basis for V. 49. Then T is an invertible linear transformation if and only if AT is an invertible matrix. Proof First suppose T is invertible. Let z be an arbitrary element of Cn , with components z1 , z2 , . . , zn . Suppose R {u1 , u2 , . . , un }. Let n − 1 u z. Let AT be the matrix that j 1 zj uj ; in other words, [u]R represents T −1 with respect to S and R.

I. 16). Hint: recall the addition formulae: cos θ cos ϕ − sin θ sin ϕ and sin(θ + ϕ) cos(θ + ϕ) sin θ cos ϕ + cos θ sin ϕ. ∞ n ii. 23. Hint: ez+w n 0 (z + w) /n! by n definition. Expand (z + w) using the binomial theorem. Then interchange the order of summation. Suppose θ ∈ R. Express sin 5θ and cos 5θ in terms of sin θ and cos θ. Write each of the following complex numbers in the form a + ib, with a, b ∈ R, where your answer is stated without using the trigonometric functions: i. e3iπ/2 ii. e17πi iii.

This implies range T Cn . (Proof: Let z ∈ Cn be arbitrary. Then the basis elements u1 , u2 , . . 12. 9(ii), z ∈ span{u1 , u2 , . . ) So T is onto. 8(v), T is 1 − 1, hence invertible. 55, A is invertible. For the proof in the case where A is a matrix over R, replace C everywhere by R. Having learned a few prerequisites about matrices, we are ready to return to our study of representing vectors in different bases. If we have two bases for the same finite dimensional vector space, how can we obtain the components of a vector with respect to one of these bases if we know its components with respect to the other?

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