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That period lasted from 907 to 960. Out of this chaos arose another of the golden age dynasties: the Song Dynasty. The Rise of the Song Dynasty The first Song emperor came to power as a result of a coup against the short-lived later Zhou Dynasty in 960. The coup leader, a general named Zhao, and a group of military commanders wrested control of the government from the hands of an infant emperor and a distrusted dowager empress. Zhao agreed to become emperor only after military leaders pledged unconditional obedience to him.

While no one measured the exact length of the wall at the time, the number 10,000 was Chinese shorthand for “really long” in much the same way that the word gazillion is used today to indicate enormity. This was the beginning of what has come to be known as the Great Wall of China. 33 In addition to the Great Wall and the canal, Meng also supervised the creation of the Straight Road, which ran some 500 miles (805 km) northward to the Ordos region. The road was intended to facilitate the military and colonial conquest of the Ordos.

To prevent continued military uprisings, he held a banquet for the generals and persuaded them to retire with generous pensions far away from the city. With these diplomatic moves, Taizu ensured a peaceful start to what would become a golden age of stability and enlightenment in China’s dynamic dynastic history. A Government Run by Scholars From the start the Song Dynasty was different from those that came before it. While Taizu sought to unify China, he did so with leniency and intelligence. He recruited the best minds in China to run the government.

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