Angels A to Z: A Who's Who of the Heavenly Host by Matthew Bunson

By Matthew Bunson

Amid the veritable choirs of well known angel books, this is often the one person who deals authentic details on each aspect of angel lore. right here finally is an in depth reference for somebody who desires to eventually get the immediately dope on all facets of angel arcana. forty pictures.

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Its association to angelology stems from its use in summoning an angel to provide assistance. When recited or chanted, it is spoken repeatedly, each repetition dropping the last letter until only the letter A remains. ” Abraham was also the recipient of several significant visitations by angels. ” The visitors predict the birth of Abraham’s son, Isaac, an event that Abraham’s wife, Sarah, greets with total incredulity, even laughing out loud before realizing the grievous offense she had committed.

Francis was visited by one when he received the stigmata; Pope St. Gregory I beheld one over what came to be called Castel Sant’Angelo; and Thomas Aquinas, considered the most rational thinker of his age, was encouraged by them in his dreams. It was only in the time of the rationalists of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that angels were declared absurd or unlikely. Such a blithe dismissal would not last. Today, polls regularly find that a vast majority of the public firmly accepts belief in angels.

Implicit in the existence of the angel is the inseparable reality of what it does. As St. Augustine wrote: “Angels are spirits, but it is not because they are spirits that they are angels. They become angels when they are sent. For the name angel refers to their office, not their nature. ” Be it as a minister of comfort and solace to the suffering or desperate, as the bringer of joyous tidings of an impending birth, or as a feared and fearsome warrior of destruction, the angel engages in each moment of angelic activity upon the earth as the fulfillment of a vital part of its purpose and an affirmation to the mortal that there is another realm beyond our own.

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