Anglo-Irish modernism and the maternal: from Yeats to Joyce by D. Stubbings

By D. Stubbings

Anglo-Irish Modernism and the Maternal argues concentrate on the development of mother-figures in Irish tradition illuminates the extreme fulfillment of the Irish modernists. primarily, the seminal Irish modernists—Moore, Joyce, Synge, Yeats, and O'Casey—resisted these mother-figures sanctioned through cultural discourses, re-writing her in an effort to elude her. during this, they not just re-constituted language and illustration, they accessed and re-figured and their very own artistic sleves.

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Well, I don't know that they do, mamma,' said Alice, who had already begun to see something wrong in each big house being surrounded by a hundred small ones, all working to keep it in sloth and luxury. '12 It is unfortunate that the novel is weakened by the occasional slackening of the theme of the land agitations while the plight of the young women in search of their place in society is explored. Even so, the sense of desperation to shore up the hierarchy is sustained throughout the novel: From the drawing-room window Mrs Barton watched, her little selfish soul racked with dividual doubt.

In Nora Glynn, Moore offers his most beautifully realized and psychologically adept exploration of the mother-figure; he utilizes the creation±destruction binarism traditionally associated with the mother in an innovative and life-enforcing manner. The novel's hero, Oliver Gogarty, willingly destroys and disintegrates himself through his relationship with the unwed mother, Nora Glynn. Yet, ultimately, he will use this relationship in order to facilitate his own rebirth and to establish his own myth of self-creation.

And your letters raise all these questions. . '61 It is by allowing himself to be absorbed into her life that his self, his identity, begins to disintegrate. 63 Released from the narrow constrictions of the Irish Catholic priesthood, and the word on which that priesthood is based ± `The Catholic Church had come to the end of its thread; the spool seemed pretty well empty, and he sat down that he might think better what the new faith might be'64 ± he discovers a new world in her, a world of unleashed spirit and imagination.

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