Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation by John R. Bartlett

By John R. Bartlett

Those are intriguing occasions for all these concerned about the historical past of historic Israel, Judaism, and early Christianity, for the previous couple of a long time have visible an extraordinary quantity of scholarly paintings upon either textual and artifactual facts. a transparent figuring out of the connection among archaeology and literary fabric is important for students who desire to reconstruct the historical past of rising Israel. The papers assembled during this ebook use the latest learn in key areas--the early settlements of Israel, early Israelite faith, Qumran, Jerusalem, early Christian churches--to convey that historic writings and smooth archaeology can light up one another, yet simply whilst used with specialist care. The essays signify a brand new iteration of archaeologists and historians, with new social, political and non secular issues who draw a clean and very important photo of the emergence of historic Israel.

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In turn, the biblical scholar needs the expertise of the professional archaeologist to illuminate the biblical record. As Morton Smith observed in a famous presidential address to the Society for Biblical Literature in 1968, ‘for a correct history of the Israelites we must have the archaeological facts determined quite objectively and independently by competent archaeologists, and the biblical texts likewise by competent philologians, and then we can begin to compare them’ (Smith 1969: 34). I would qualify his word ‘facts’ to include interpretation, and I would not limit biblical scholars to philologians, but in principle Morton Smith was right.

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