Audience Feedback in the News Media by Bill Reader

By Bill Reader

As lengthy as there was information media, there was viewers suggestions. This ebook offers the 1st definitive background of the evolution of viewers suggestions, from the early newsbooks of the sixteenth century to the rough-and-tumble on-line boards of the trendy age. as well as tracing the historic improvement of viewers suggestions, the ebook considers how information media has replaced its method of accommodating viewers participation, and explores how viewers suggestions can serve the desires of either contributors and collectives in democratic society. Reader writes from a place of authority, having labored as a "letters to the editor" editor and has written quite a few study articles essays at the subject over the last 15 years.

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The Media Center at The American Press Institute, 2003). Accessed November€23, 2012, from www. pdf. 2. For more about 17th-century newsbooks, see Joad Raymonds, The Invention of the Newspaper: English Newsbooks 1641–1649 (New York: Oxford University Press, 1996). “From gaza, wealth, is formed the Italian word gazetta, which denotes a small coin, given for a newspaper when they were first published. The first newspaper or Gazette that appeared was published in 1536 in Venice, and appeared every six months.

The printing press was a game changer for human civilization, not just in facilitating communication from few to many, but also in empowering the many to directly participate in generating content that printer-editors would aggregate into their papers. What many 21st-century scholars call “participatory journalism,” defined as “the act of a citizen, or group of citizens, playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information,”1 is really nothing new.

One of the London newsbooks published during the late 1640s was even named Packets of Letters, each item beginning with the salutation “Sir” and written more as a personal note to the editor than as a general correspondence to the readers of the pamphlets. 6 A distinction here should be made between those newsbook letters that were truly examples of audience submissions and those that were merely official statements or reprinted material from other sources. The letters found in archived editions of those newsbooks varied considerably in both purpose and form, and although clearly attributed as “letters,” some clearly were 30â•… “Packets of Letters” not examples of audience feedback.

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