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P b.. i : “(, I:. 52 5. I Always keep some beeswa2: You may need it, either for preparing new hives (see page 195; or for fixing wax ridges on simple top bars (see oage 56). I If you only have a few pieces of brown comb then it is important to keep them in a closed container, exposed to the sun. The heat will kill any wax moth larva which would eat the comb pieces. If you have bigger quantities of old combs proceed as follows: (This is essentially the method described by P. Papadopoulo, a former Senior Apiculturist in Zimbabwe).

If you catch the swarm in winter, you should feed it for about 2 months. I ~A medium sized swarm of about 5 000-8 000 bees will need about 3 kg of white sugar during this period. In summer feeding is only necessary for about 4 weeks in order to help the bees settle in their new home. Whilst feeding smoking may not be necessary for the first two weeks or 60~ However as they become settled and established some bees might start being a little difficult, and so it is advis&le to begin using smoke. - Starting by Smoking It is slightly from an earth Each situation General 1.

Scratch the sting out with your finger-nail. you get stung, If you pull it out, the pulsating sack filled vith poison will Having lost her sting, the empty its contents into your skin. bee is severely wounded and dies. The alarming smell of the cover it poison will irritate other bees, so you should quickly with smoke. If 9. Blow smoke over your face and hands repeatedly during each step proceedings. Remember: Vinegar rubbed on face and arms can also be stings. a oood orotection aqainst of the 10.

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