Between cultures: developing self-identity in a world of by H. Ned Seelye

By H. Ned Seelye

During this textual content, the authors realize the stresses universal to people who go or live to tell the tale cultural obstacles. They define a calm, fit technique to coexist with participants from various backgrounds, and supply suggestion on resolving clashes in cultures and values.

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The Mix For as long as Homo sapiens has been hanging around rivers and springs, men and women have lived with "significant others" from different cultural backgrounds. For most of our species' historypainted in caves or carved on rocks and mostly forgotten by us allour ancestors lived multicultural lives. Typically, our mothers came from one part of the forest, our fathers from another. They often spoke different languages. Many groups only allowed marriage to take place with people from outside their own group, a sound genetic policy.

Page 7 Located in the middle of Mali in West Africa, Timbuktu has a population of about 20,000, three-quarters of whom are Islamic. Most inhabitants speak Bambara and/or French, but Senoufo, Sarakolle, Tuareg, and Arabic are also spoken. No red-blooded Timbuktuan expects short-term visitors to know much about them, their culture, or their language. But if your mind, as well as your body, regularly crosses cultural boundaries, and if you care about behaving more or less appropriately in each cultural setting (different latitudes, different attitudes), then you feel the pull.

During this educational odyssey she lived in the favella of Rio de Janeiro and in housing projects in New Orleans, and she worked with autistic children in Toledo, Ohio. During her year in Tokyo she had a Dutch boyfriend. " Who are they, they wonder. Ronnie C. Chan, a Hong Kong business tycoon who was born and raised in China and educated in the United States where he lived for 16 years, says he can "unscrew my [Chinese] head, put it in my briefcase, and screw on my American head" when the occasion warrants.

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