Bibliographie des romans et nouvelles en prose française by Brian Woledge

By Brian Woledge

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He summoned skilled physicians and widely approved healers, each of whom applied his own remedies in accordance with his knowledge. But nothing availed. ' The prince ordered that the man should forthwith be released from his prison, whereupon the demon came out of the body of the youth and said to the foreign traveller: 'On this occasion, and this only, I am of service to you, on the principle that even a liar may sometimes tell the truth. ' The king answered : ' I have heard your narrative, which should be inscribed m THE FOX AND THE DUCK 55 the book of wondrous tales as a warning to be constantly kept in mind.

What,' asked the king, ' was the story of that? ' T H E SU L T AN O F BABYL O N AN D T H E P R I N CE The Sultan of Babylon and the Prince I have heard (said the prince) that in the land of Babylon there was a monarch, who had a young son. When destiny with its inexorable demands seized upon the collar and skirt of the monarch's hopes and his fate descended upon him, and when the moment arrived for him to move from this transient world to the abode of eternity, he summoned his brother, whom he appointed to stand in his stead in the upholding of the realm and the direction and furtherance of its interests.

The meat of that fowl seems more improcurable to me than chicken's milk. ' His mind filled with this idea he went down to the river, where it happened that he met the duck. On the pretext of consulting her he entered into conversation and, like any friend and kindly flatterer, he began by paying her compliments. ' I have derived great pleasure,' said he, 'from being in a region where I am so close a neighbour of yours, because I have seen your neathandedness and your pleasant mode of working. I have noticed that in respect of housekeeping and housewifeliness all about you is of such clean appearance and so sweet-smelling that you must be abundantly acquainted with the ways of fulfilling your duty towards your husband.

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