Birds with Human Soul by Beryl Rowland

By Beryl Rowland

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Freedom Flight: The Origins of Mental Power

Olympic Silver Medalist, Lanny Bassham, used to be feeling really defeated and sorry for himself because of his failure to arrive his final goal.

He meets a guy who adjustments his point of view, his angle and most significantly his destiny. An not likely mentor named Jack explains to Lanny that he's has misplaced his freedom and resides in a self-imposed prison.

During their airplane flight to Cairo, those strangers embark on a really inspirational discovery. encouraged through precise occasions this ninety six web page ebook contains 14 luck rules and packs a robust punch to those that select the adventure the flight in their existence - their Freedom Flight.

Take again your freedom, holiday down the partitions on your self-imposed criminal and succeed in in your desires.

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Their cloisters were like the chant in our gradual and in our old antiphoner. 2 A perfection so pure and so vital, springing directly from a religious Rule and way of life, argues a spiritual fruitfulness deeper than we can appreciate today. And I think it is a fruitfulness that belongs to the cenobitic life as such. The simplicity of Sénanque or Fontenay could only house a community of cenobites. A monastery of hermits is necessarily so clumsy that it can only be an architectural monster. However, I agree that one hermitage for one hermit stands a good chance of being beautiful!

Another thing he so often insists upon in Chapter—attention to the little rules—a delicate conscience that omits nothing that can please God is more important in his eyes than great mortifications and spectacular penances. At the same time, he is most careful to enforce every detail of penance in the Rule; he cannot stand the idea of a Trappist who compromises with our austerities and seeks his own comfort. He is adamant against all mitigations to the Rule that are not strictly necessary—and even though our modifications in regard to summer clothing are surely necessary, I have heard him say that it wouldn’t kill us to wear wool.

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