Cardinal Men and Scarlet Women: A Colorful Etymology of by Jan Keessen

By Jan Keessen

Phrases akin to cardinal and scarlet can describe a similar colour yet they tackle markedly diverse meanings after we use them to think about the price of a cardinal guy or a scarlet lady. The comparability turns out to conjure considerably extra prejudice after we contemplate cardinal guy is respected as righteous whereas a scarlet girl is reviled as depraved, quite when it comes to her sexual intercourse. in a similar fashion, via contrasting different pairs of phrases, we will be able to see how they too invite discriminatory connotations by way of what we price: Christian and pagan, campaign and jihad, intellectual and lowbrow, wizard and witch, correct and left, white and black. Keessen provides this playful but scholarly research when it comes to a sequence of casual essays, prepared by way of bankruptcy and subject, and in a storytellers lexicon tells us how sure notions constructed. Generously illustrated with whimsical illustrations through award profitable artist invoice Hannan.

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In contrast, white mail was paid in silver. However in the sixteenth century few farmers could afford to pay in silver or even pay at all. To punish them Scottish border chiefs threatened to ravage farms and crops in an effort to extort payments from these peasants. ”22 Blackmail, black sheep, black humor, black art, black ice, black lies—none of those terms began as racist terms. And they shouldn’t be today—especially since the folks who like to distort them as such are probably full of white lies.

And so it was, they made a virtue of necessity. 2  Cardinal men & Scarlet women 39 5. Extra Virgin? Who’d ever compare a virgin to a dynamo? 11 According to Adams, during the medieval period visions of the Virgin Mary generated enough spiritual energy to build cathedrals while in the modern era versions of dynamos generated enough electrical energy to build skyscrapers. And yet he remarked that as an icon, the dynamo lacked the sexuality inherent in the Virgin Mary. It is hard to think of a virgin without thinking of sexuality.

11. ” Although the origin of the word boy is uncertain, in some sense it has referred to inferiors for centuries. ” review/18egan. Martin Luther King, “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” The Christian Century ( June 12, 1963), 767-773. 21 Martin Luther King, “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” The Christian Century ( June 12, 1963), 767-773. 2  Cardinal men & Scarlet women 49 Since slaves often wore fetters, you can see how this kind of boy would be associated with slavery. Today the word boy isn’t offensive for some men who might enjoy a night out with the boys.

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