Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 5: Tenebrionoidea by I. Lobl, A. Smetana

By I. Lobl, A. Smetana

This can be the 5th quantity of a entire sequence which covers approximately 100,000 species of Coleoptera recognized to take place within the Palaearctic sector. the data supplied for every species is as follows: fundamental taxonomic info of all on hand names within the genus and species degrees released by means of the top of 1999; the taxonomic details under subfamily, equipped alphabetically; and the kind species of genera and subgenera, together with synonyms. Distributional information of species and subspecies is given consistent with kingdom. certain distributional info for strict endemics is equipped, and brought species are indicated. The sequence is a collective paintings of approximately 100 coleopterists from Europe, Japan, the United States, and Australia.

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G. Thomson, 1864 genus Dolotarsus Jacquelin du Val, 1863: 391 type species Dolotarsus rufipes Jacquelin du Val, 1863 lividus C. R. Sahlberg, 1833: 448 {Dircaea) E: AU BH BU BY CR CT CZ EN FI FR GE HU IT LA LS MC NT PL RO SK SL SP SV SZ UK YU A: ES FE JA NE WS NAR ephippius Schaum, 1859: 50 {Dircaea) suturus Gredler, 1866: 278 {Phryganophilus) rufipes Jacquelin du Val, 1863: 391 tribe Serropalpini Latreille, 1829 genus Amblyctis LeConte, 1879: 3 type species Amblyctis praeses LeConte, 1879 Dapsiloderus Fairmaire, 1887c: 157 type species Dapsiloderus costipennis Fairmaire, 1887 Hikohohodemia Nakane & Hayashi, 1955: 80 type species Hikohohodemia nomurai Nakane & Hayashi, 1955 nomurai Nakane & Hayashi, 1955: 81 {Hikohohodemia) A: JA genus Mikadonius Lewis, 1895a: 264 type species Mikadonius gracilis Lewis, 1895 gracilis Lewis, 1895a: 264 A: JA SC japonicus Hayashi, 1960: 43 A: JA 71 genus Rushia Forel, 1893:167 type species Carebara longula LeConte, 1866 —' Carebara LeConte, 1866: 251[HN] type species Carebara longula LeConte, 1866 Xylitella Reitter, 1911a: 363 type species Xylitaparreyssi Mulsant, 1856 parreyssii Mulsant, 1856c: 74 {Xylita) E: AU BH CR DE FR GG GR HU IT LA MC RO SL SP ST SV SZ UK YU A: CY TR ferruginea Gredler, 1866: 279 {Phryganophilus) mollis Graells, 1858: 73 pi.

Strand, 1965: 61 E: FI GE PL NR NT ST incanus Rey, 1892: 17 E: FR (Lyon) jacquemartii Mellié, 1848: 328 E: AB AU BH BY CR CT CZ DE FI FR GB GE GG GR HU IT LT NR NT PL RO SK SP ST SV SZ UK A: TR jezoensis Nobuchi, 1960a: 38 A: JA (Hokkaido) judaeus Reitter, 1901a: 55 A: LE konoi M. Chûjö, 1940a: 132 A: FE (Sachalin) JA (Hokkaido, Honshu) JIL laevigatus Kawanabe, 1997b: 319 A: JA laminatus Mellié, 1848: 318 E: AU CR CT (Kaliningrad) CZ FR GE HU IT PL "Transcaucasus" lederi Reitter, 1880c: 477 E: GG ST (Kavkaz) libanicus Abeille de Perrin, 1874a: 58 A: LE lineatocribratus Mellié, 1848: 336 E: AB AU BH BU BY CR CT CZ DE EN FI FR GE GG HU IT LA LS NR NT PL RO SK ST SV SZ UK YU matchanus Reitter, 1915c: 66 lineatosetosus Pool, 1917: 87 E: GB lineatulus Reitter, 1901a: 51 A: UZ reitteri Lopes-Andrade, 2002: 54 [RN] E: AB (Lenkoran) setifer Reitter, 1884a: 8 [HN] maculatus M.

56 CIIDAE genus Ceracis Mellié, 1848: 375 type species Ennearthron sallei Mellié, 1848 cucullatus Mellié, 1848: 372 {Ennearthron) Ei: FR AFR NTRi bilamellatus Pic, 1916c: 20 (Ennearthron) lamellatus Pic, 1939a: 8 (Ennearthron) tabelliferus Mellié, 1848: 373 (Ennearthron) japonus Reitter, 1878c: 36 (Ennearthron) A: JA laminicollis Miyatake, 1982b: 77 A: TAI shikokuensis Miyatake, 1954: 56 (Ennearthron) A: JA (Shikoku) genus Cis Latreille, 1796: 50 type species Dermestes boleti Scopoli, 1763 Cisdygma Reitter, 1885b: 209 type species Cis clavicornis Baudi di Selve, 1874 Dimerocis Peyerimhoff, 1919b: 277 type species Cis aurasiacus Peyerimhoff, 1919 Eridaulus C.

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