Collected Essays, Volume 1: Ancient Israel and Its by Na'aman, Nadav

By Na'aman, Nadav

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V. 1, pt. 1. Prolegomena and prehistory / edited through I. E. S. Edwards, C. J. Gadd, and N. G. L. Hammond -- v. 1, pt. 2. Early heritage of the center East / edited by means of I. E. S. Edwards, C. J. Gadd and N. G L. Hammond -- v. 2, pt. 1. background of the center East and the Aegean sector c. 1800-1380 B. C. / edited by way of I.

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The Cambridge Ancient History Volume 2, Part 1: The Middle East and the Aegean Region, c.1800-1380 BC

Volumes I and II of The Cambridge historical background have needed to be totally rewritten as a result very substantial additions to wisdom that have accumulated some time past forty-five years. for a similar cause it has additionally been essential to raise the scale of the volumes and to divide every one of them into individually released components.

The Cambridge Ancient History Volume 3, Part 1 The Prehistory of the Balkans, the Middle East and the Aegean World, Tenth to Eighth Centuries BC

Quantity III of The Cambridge historic background was once first released in 1925 in a single quantity. the hot variation has extended to such an volume, due to the giant volume of recent details now on hand, that it has needed to be divided into 3 components. quantity III half 1 opens with a survey of the Balkans north of Greece within the Prehistoric interval.

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This may well explain the reaction of the Assyrian king to the new danger in the west: a campaign to the Egyptian bor- 23. For the passage in III R 10, 2, see Rost 1893:78-82, lines 5-26 (Damascus, Gaza, Israel, Samsi). ND 400 is either a duplicate or a "long distance join" of II R 67 (Na'aman, 1979:69, note 4). ), Egypt, Me'unites, Samsi). ), Gaza, Samsi, Egypt). 30 Israel and Assyria der (nabal Mu~ur =the Brook of Egypt) in order to block the possible advance of the Egyptian troops to the coast ofPhilistia.

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