Crossing and Dwelling: A Theory of Religion by Thomas A. Tweed

By Thomas A. Tweed

Starting with a Cuban Catholic ritual in Miami, this publication takes readers on a momentous theoretical trip towards a brand new knowing of faith. At this ancient second, whilst circulate throughout limitations is of serious value for all components of human life—from media and leisure to economic system and politics—Thomas Tweed bargains a strong imaginative and prescient of faith in movement, dynamic, alive with crossings and flows. A deeply researched, largely gauged, and vividly written research of faith reminiscent of few American students have ever tried, Crossing and living depicts faith in position and in move, living and crossing. Tweed considers how faith situates devotees in time and house, positioning them within the physique, the house, the place of birth, and the cosmos. He explores how the spiritual hire tropes, artifacts, rituals, and associations to mark limitations and to prescribe and proscribe other forms of pursuits throughout these limitations; and the way religions let and constrain terrestrial, corporeal, and cosmic crossings. Drawing on insights from the normal and social sciences, Tweed's paintings is grounded within the gritty details of distinct spiritual practices, at the same time it strikes towards principles approximately cross-cultural styles. At a time while students in lots of fields shrink back from generalizations, this e-book deals a in charge technique to imagine largely approximately faith, a subject matter that's an important for figuring out the modern international. Lucid in factors, carrying out presentation, wealthy in examples, Crossing and living has profound implications for the examine and educating of faith in our day. (20060215)

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A third approach, which highlights metaphors’ effects or uses and challenges the notion that they contain hidden or nonliteral meaning that needs to be decoded, emerges from the philosopher Donald Davidson’s 1978 essay “What Metaphors Mean” and has been endorsed and revised by, among others, Richard Rorty and Nancy K. 26 As Fernandez and his colleagues suggested, the first two approaches have been most influential, and since the 1980s metaphor theory in the social sciences has focused more on the variety of tropes and their “foundations” in culture.

I did not try to construct a theoretical platform from which to criticize or celebrate the beliefs, values, or prac- 26 • cros s i n g and dwel l i n g tices of those Cuban Catholics, although I think that my understanding of theories as itineraries, as positioned sightings, might help those who do want to make normative judgments. ” My own epistemic and moral values are evident in several passages of this book—for example, as I note the “role-specific obligations” of scholars in Chapter 2, analyze the “compelled crossings” of slaves and the “constrained crossings” of women in Chapter 5, and affirm “pragmatic” criteria for the assessment of theories in the Conclusion.

So in this metaphor and in others, more than a single term (beans, neurosis, or children) is transferred from one use to another, transported from one cultural domain to another. Metaphors propel language—and language users—between frames of reference, to borrow a phrase from physics. ” But metaphor is a reciprocal interactive process. It is not a matter of transferring one static and bounded “scheme” to another. As some interpreters of metaphor have noted, it is the reciprocal and relational dynamics of metaphor that characterizes this trope.

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