Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age by Robin M., PhD Kowalski, Susan P., PhD Limber, Patricia W.,

By Robin M., PhD Kowalski, Susan P., PhD Limber, Patricia W., PhD Agatston

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They are rewarded for their behavior. , prestige or perceived high social status). Not only may there be individual motivations for engaging in bullying behavior, but there also may be family factors that increase a child’s likelihood of bullying others. , 1999; Rigby, 1993, 1994). Children who bully are more likely than their peers to traditional forms of bullying 31 be exposed to domestic violence (Baldry, 2003) and be a victim of child maltreatment (Shields & Cicchetti, 2001). They also are more likely than other children to bully their own siblings (Duncan, 1999).

Introduction 11 In perhaps one of the first and best-known illustrations of cyber bullying, Ghyslain Raza created a video of himself on November 4, 2002, acting out a scene from the movie Star Wars, using a golf-ball retriever as his light saber. Unfortunately, classmates then posted the video online without his permission or knowledge, where it was seen by millions. Eventually, in 2004, a Web site was created that contained original and modified clips from the video, along with special effects, and music from the Star Wars movie.

Labeled the “Star Wars Kid,” Ghyslain was forced to change schools and received psychiatric help. On April 7, 2006, Raza’s parents, who had filed a lawsuit against the classmates who had placed the video on the Internet, settled out of court with the families of these students. A young man, angry over the fact that his girlfriend broke up with him, used photo-editing tools to paste her head onto a pornographic picture and sent it to everyone in his e-mail address book (Paulson, 2003). 15-year-old Jodi Plumb discovered a Web site devoted entirely to insulting her.

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