Discovery of Cosmic Fractals by Yurij Baryshev

By Yurij Baryshev

A presentation of effects at the greatest fractal buildings within the universe. It seeks to steer the reader, in an easy approach, to the frontiers of astronomy, explaining how fractals seem in cosmic physics, from our sunlight process to the megafractals in deep area. It additionally bargains a private view of the background of the assumption of self-similarity and of cosmological rules, from Plato's perfect structure of the heavens to Mandelbrot's fractals within the sleek actual cosmos. moreover, it discusses the good fractal debate in astronomy (after Luciano Pietronero's first fractal research of the galaxy universe), which illustrates how new options and deeper observations demonstrate unforeseen elements of nature.

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But one does not easily notice that the elements are made of very small geometric forms as if atoms or crystals. The Demiurge made this material basis as beautiful as possible. The elementary forms are regular solids, each corresponding to an element. The tetrahedron was related to fire, the cube to earth, the octahedron to air, and the icosahedron with its 20 equilateral triangles was assigned to water. ) regular solid, the dodecahedron made of 12 pentagons. This has some resemblance to a sphere and Plato is inclined to associate it with the universe as a whole.

Copernicus also received other messages from the past. He referred to ancient Greeks who had pondered alternative cosmological ideas: Taking advantage of this I too began to think of the mobility of the Earth; and though the opinion seemed absurd, yet knowing now that others before me had been granted freedom to imagine such circles as they chose to explain the phenomena of the stars, I considered that I also might easily be allowed to try whether, by assuming some motion of the Earth, sounder explanations than theirs for the revolution of the celestial spheres might so be discovered.

Prologue xxxi The story of cosmic fractals This book takes the reader on a voyage from the treasures of the past to the frontiers of the modern science of the universe. The profound transformation of the view on the cosmic structures has stimulated us to tell how cosmic fractals were discovered. The book reflects our personal experience in the study of the Milky Way, galaxies, and cosmology. We highlight persons who have played remarkable roles in the attempts to explore the cosmic fabric. For instance, Fournier d'Albe wrote a book on a hierarchic world, which was the first attempt to make a simple fractal universe.

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