Distributional Atlas & Catalogue of the Leaf Beetles of by Gruev B. Blagoy, Vassil Tomov

By Gruev B. Blagoy, Vassil Tomov

This catalogue and atlas summarise all on hand facts at the distribution and ecology of leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) in Bulgaria. Species bills comprise taxonomic prestige, synonymy, all recognized localities in Bulgaria and information on distribution and habitat personal tastes. each one species distribution is mapped. The e-book is addressed to taxonomists, creditors, nature conservationsts and biogeographers.

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Sliven [АПФЕЛБЕК, 1912, APFELBECK, 1916]; Upper Thrace: MG23: Lyubimets; Rhodopes: KG67: vill. Varvara [VT]), from May till July, on Populus, Salix. GENERAL DISTRIBUTION: basin of Danube, Bulgaria, Crimea, Caucasus, North Turkey, North Iran. Cryptocephalus (Cryptocephalus) biguttatus (Scopoli, 1763) (Map 44: I 1, 4; II 1, 4; III 2, 4; IV; V 1, 3) Buprestis biguttata Scopoli, Ent. , p. 65. Cryptocephalus biguttatus: ЙОАКИМОВ, 1904: 38; НЕДЯЛКОВ, 1909 а: 19; АПФЕЛБЕК, 1916: 242; APFELBECK, 1916: 361; ТОМОВ, ГРУЕВ, 1969: 167, 1987: 255; ГРУЕВ, ТОМОВ, 1984: 145; VIG, 1992: 297; GRUEV, TOMOV, 1998: 29; GRUEV, 2003 c: 58, 2004: 42, 2005 b: 113.

Sladun [GRUEV, 2003 b]; Mt. Strandzha: NG36: vill. Zvezdets [ТОМОВ, ГРУЕВ, 1987]; Black Sea area: NH52: Nesebar [MOHR, 1969]), from May till August, on Quercus. GENERAL DISTRIBUTION: Bulgaria, Asia Minor, Syria, Jordan. Cryptocephalus (Heterichnus) coryli (Linnaeus, 1758) Chrysomela coryli Linnaeus, Syst. , ed. 10 375. Cryptocephalus informis: ЙОАКИМОВ, 1899: 775, 1904: 38 Cryptocephalus coryli: НЕДЯЛКОВ, 1909 а: 19; АПФЕЛБЕК, 1912: 242; NETOLITZKY, 1912: 160; APFELBECK, 1916: 361; АНГЕЛОВ 1960: 29, 1964: 319; ТОМОВ, ГРУЕВ, 1969: 166, 1987: 255; WARCHALOWSKI, 1994: 488; ГРУЕВ, ТОМОВ, 1984: 136; GRUEV, TOMOV, 1998: 30; VIG, 2002: 36; GRUEV, 2003 c: 58, 2004 b: 43, 2004 c: 80, 2005 b: 113, 2006: 55.

GENERAL DISTRIBUITION: from Portugal and Ireland to Korea. Cryptocephalus (Cryptocephalus) cordiger (Linnaeus, 1758) Chrysomela cordigera Linnaeus, Syst. 10: 375. Cryptocephalus cordiger: КОВАЧЕВ, 1894: 748; ЙОАКИМОВ, 1904: 38; АПФЕЛБЕК, 1912: 242; APFELBECK, 1916: 361; ТОМОВ, ГРУЕВ, 1969: 167; WARCHALOWSKI, 1974: 488; ГРУЕВ, ТОМОВ, 1984: 137; GRUEV, TOMOV, 1998: 30; VIG, 2002: 36; GRUEV, 2003 b: 44, 2003 c: 58, 2004 b: 43, 2004 c: 80, 2005 b: 113. DISTRIBUTION IN BULGARIA: I – V; the whole country, from the sea coast up to 1200 m, from April till July, on Quercus.

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