Dynamic Economic Theory by Michio Morishima

By Michio Morishima

This booklet brings jointly in one coherent framework a study software began by way of the writer over 40 years in the past. It goals to increase multisector common equilibrium idea within the culture of Hicks's worth and Capital, and extends the prototype version to deal with the research of the financial zone in addition to construction and intake. the soundness of transitority equilibrium is tested for either linear and nonlinear instances besides the commercial direction that the speculation generates.

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Otherwise, if it starts from other prices, they will remain undetermined. In the case of neutrality the final prices depend on the initial prices. Thus the stability conditions for temporary equilibrium are the conditions for price formation. 12 11 For example, see Hicks, 1946, p. 62. (t) = p?. Since { tends to infinity when t—00 ' t tends to infinity, (14') yields lim p,(^) = p?. This means that the stability is invariant with $—00 ' respect to transformation of systems of timing, say, from t to (.

See D. Patinkin, 1948, Klein, 1947, pp. 192-5, Mosak, 1944 and Morishima, 1948. For the expectation function, see Lange, 1944, pp. 20-1. 14 Dynamic economic theory Substituting these into (3) and (4) we may express demand and supply, xj0 and yj0, as another function of pi0, r0 and x so that, after deleting the second subscript 0 referring to the current week 0, we have a's individual demand and supply functions for the current week. , v will not play significant roles in the rest of this book because they are only planned by individual a and will never be carried out exactly as planned except in very special circumstances.

4 Needless to say, household a chooses the most preferable economic position but it cannot maximize its preference index unconditionally. Its plan must satisfy budget equations so that the maximization principle must be subject to the v + 1 constraints (1) and (2). With given p and r, the value of x will be determined by the first-order maximization conditions which are derived by the Lagrangean method for conditional maximization provided that the second-order maximization conditions are always satisfied.

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