Energy Level Alignment and Electron Transport Through by Enrique Abad

By Enrique Abad

In contemporary years, ever extra digital units have began to make the most some great benefits of natural semiconductors. The paintings suggested during this thesis makes a speciality of reading theoretically the power point alignment of other metal/organic interfaces, essential to tailor units with stable functionality. conventional equipment in accordance with density sensible thought (DFT), usually are not applicable for studying them simply because they underestimate the natural power hole and fail to properly describe the van der Waals forces.

Since the dimensions of those platforms prohibits using extra exact tools, corrections to these DFT drawbacks are fascinating. during this paintings a mix of a typical DFT calculation with the inclusion of the charging power (U) of the molecule, calculated from first rules, is gifted. in regards to the dispersion forces, fallacious lengthy diversity interplay is substituted by means of a van der Waals power. With those corrections, the C60, benzene, pentacene, TTF and TCNQ/Au(111) interfaces are analyzed, either for unmarried molecules and for a monolayer. the consequences validate the brought about density of interface states model.

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They also have the advantage of being strictly zero beyond RC , so there are a finite number of interactions between the atoms in our system (even if they are extended systems like solids or surfaces). Although all electron calculations are possible in fireball, usually calculations are carried out using only valence electrons: separable Kleinman–Bylander pseudopotentials [14] are used to take into account the effect of the nucleus and the core electrons. Before any calculation is done we need to calculate the ‘fireball’ orbitals basis set.

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Physically it means that the effective density is calculated using importance sampling, because the density is weighted more where the bond charge is high. However this average density lacks for some deficiencies. First of all, it is not defined when the overlap is zero. Moreover, there is no reason why ρiα, jβ and Siα, jβ need to have the same sign, giving unphysical ρ iα, jβ < 0. New methods, that correct these deficiencies (that are fatal for transition metals) are needed. We will describe them in the next paragraphs.

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