From Mammy to Miss America and Beyond: Cultural Images and by K. Sue Jewell

By K. Sue Jewell

How do the mass media give a contribution to the social and financial benefits of the privileged and the subjection of African American girls? Does the US fairly care approximately offering equivalent possibilities for African American girls? Passionately written and supported with distinct facts this e-book exhibits the deeply rooted abiding melanoma of oppresion in American society. It finds the formal and casual ways that African American girls were exluded from equivalent participation prior to and after the time of slavery. it's going to surprise many that complacently think that the United States is already a land on equality and it'll provide new center to the various others who event racism and sexism as day-by-day evidence of lifestyles.

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In so doing, it allows the males who constructed this image, and those who accept it, to disavow their sexual interests in African American women. Therefore, when slave owners were sexually involved with female slaves, the implication was that it was the result of the sexual advances of the female slave and not the slave owner. Portraying mammy as an overweight female was not coincidental. Actresses such as Louise Beavers and Hattie McDaniels, African American actresses who portrayed mammy and Aunt Jemima, were selected for these roles for more than their acting ability.

Still, the question must be asked: Why do the media selectively portray African Americans in poverty, an act which perpetuates racial stereotypes and cultural assumptions about African American women and their children who are poor? This is problematic since the work ethic is believed to be the primary basis for acquiring wealth in American society. Accordingly, it is believed that individuals who become wealthy and experience upward mobility do so because of hard work. By contrast, it is commonly assumed that individuals who hold an economically depressed status do not subscribe to a strong work ethic, and that those who are impoverished have a disaffection for work.

However, in a postindustrial society that is built on the principles of freedom of choice and the will of the people in determining social policy, laws and governance, it is critical that those in power continue to have their power leg itimized by the masses. Consequently, as Gramsci argues, hegemony, the ability of those who have political power to rule based on the consent of the masses, is the vehicle by which the privileged are permitted to establish policies and laws that ensure their power advantage.

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