Functional JavaScript: Introducing Functional Programming by Michael Fogus

By Michael Fogus

How are you able to triumph over JavaScript language oddities and hazardous beneficial properties? With this e-book, you’ll how to create code that’s attractive, secure, and easy to appreciate and attempt by utilizing JavaScript’s sensible programming aid. writer Michael Fogus exhibits you the way to use functional-style strategies with Underscore.js, a JavaScript library that enables useful programming thoughts. pattern code is offered on GitHub at

Fogus is helping you're thinking that in a practical solution to assist you reduce complexity within the courses you construct. If you’re a JavaScript programmer hoping to profit practical programming options, or a useful programmer seeking to examine JavaScript, this e-book is definitely the right introduction.
• Use applicative programming recommendations with first class features
• know how and why chances are you'll leverage variable scoping and closures
• Delve into higher-order functions—and find out how they take different services as arguments for max virtue
• discover how one can compose new capabilities from current services
• Get round JavaScript’s obstacles for utilizing recursive services
• decrease, disguise, or do away with the footprint of nation swap on your courses
• perform flow-based programming with chains and useful pipelines
• notice how one can code with out utilizing sessions

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Having written my share of simulation systems, I feel very strongly that object orientation or actor-based modeling are compelling fits for simula. 18 | Chapter 1: Introducing Functional JavaScript A Taste of Functional JavaScript This is not a book about navigating around the quirks of JavaScript. There are many other books that will help you along that path. However, before I start any JavaScript project these days, I define two useful functions that I often find a need for: existy and truthy.

NotHere); //=> false existy((function(){})()); //=> false existy(0); //=> true existy(false); //=> true The use of existy simplifies what it means for something to exist in JavaScript. Mini‐ mally, it collocates the existence check in an easy-to-use function. == false) && existy(x) }; The truthy function is used to determine if something should be considered a synonym for true, and is used as shown here:12 11. You might come across the idea of JavaScript’s truthiness referring to the true-ness and false-ness of the language’s native types.

Indeed, there is little motivation to build a complex class hierarchy rep‐ resenting either the table itself, the rows, people, or whatever. zip; The select functions defined here use existing array processing functions to provide fluent access to simple data types: selectNames(peopleTable); //=> ["Merble", "Bob"] selectAges(peopleTable); //=> ["35", "64"] selectHairColor(peopleTable); //=> ["red", "blonde"] mergeResults(selectNames(peopleTable), selectAges(peopleTable)); //=> [["Merble", "35"], ["Bob", "64"]] The simplicity of implementation and use is a compelling argument for using Java‐ Script’s core data structures for data modeling purposes.

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