Gauge Theory and the Early Universe by P. Galeotti, David N. Schramm

By P. Galeotti, David N. Schramm

Court cases of the NATO complicated learn Institute, Erice, Italy, may possibly 20-30, 1986

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The scalar field

The first models of new inflation were 53 based upon Coleman-Weinberg potentials, which exhibit weakly-first order transitions. , the 4> = 0 state is never metastable) will work just as we1l 92 • Most of the models for inflation now do not involve SSB, at least directly, they just involve the evolution of a scalar field which is initially displaced from the minimum of its potential. ] Since the fields involved are very weakly coupled, thermal corrections can no longer be relied upon to set the initial value of 4>.

El where IV"I ~ 9H 2 , IV'mp';VI ~ (4811V/ 2 • 45 T~ T c ----~----------~--~¢ Figure 15: In SUSY /SUGR models < cP >T is not necessarily equal to zero. If < cP >T> 0, then there is the danger that < cP >T smoothly evolves into the zero temperature minimum of the potential, thereby eliminating the possibility of inflation (upper figure). A sure way of preventing this is to design the potential so that < cP >T::; 0 (lower figure). (2) The length of the interval where ¢ evolves slowly should be much greater than H /27r, the scale of the quantum fluctuations, so that the semi-classical approximation makes sense.

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