GCSE Chemistry Edexcel: The Revision Guide by CGP Books

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This e-book is stuffed with transparent revision notes and distinct diagrams for each Edexcel GCSE Chemistry subject, together with a piece on ‘How technology Works’. It includes a great deal of assistance and speedy attempt inquiries to try out realizing, and everything’s defined in straight forward language with a marginally of humour.

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A Metal’s Exact Properties Decide How It’s Best Used The properties above are typical properties of metals. Not all metals are the same though — their exact properties determine how they’re used. For example: • Aluminium has a low density and is corrosion-resistant. Pure aluminium isn’t particularly strong, but it forms hard, strong alloys (see page 26). These properties make aluminium a very useful structural material. It can be used for loads of things from window frames to electricity cables and aircraft.

4) They form polymers by opening up their double bonds to ‘hold hands’ in a long chain. Bromine water + alkene — decolourised 5) The first two alkenes are ethene and propene. 1) Ethene 2) Propene Formula: C2H4 Formula: C3H6 H H H H C C C H H H H C C H H Notice the names: • “meth-“ means “one carbon atom“, • “eth-“ means “two C atoms“, • “prop-“ means “three C atoms“, etc. The only difference then between the names of alkanes and alkenes is just the “-ane“ or “-ene“ on the end. Alkane anybody who doesn’t learn this lot properly...

Oxygen relights a glowing splint. 1) Hydrogen and oxygen react to produce water — which isn’t a pollutant. 2) The reaction between hydrogen and oxygen releases energy. 3) Put these two facts together, and you get something useful: you can get energy by reacting hydrogen and oxygen — and it doesn’t produce any nasty pollutants, only nice clean water... Fuel Cells Use Fuel and Oxygen to Produce Electrical Energy A fuel cell is an electrical cell that’s supplied with a fuel and oxygen and uses energy from the reaction between them to generate electricity.

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