Global Media Spectacle: News War Over Hong Kong by Joseph Man Chan, Chin-Chuan Lee, Zhongdang Pan, Clement Y.

By Joseph Man Chan, Chin-Chuan Lee, Zhongdang Pan, Clement Y. K. So, Clement Y.K. So

Of contestation and alliance, topics and diversifications, and convergence and divergence among and inside of quite a few blocs of countries.

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The official site makes Hong Kong a stage for the Chinese and British leaders to perform courteous but strained rituals for the invited political and social dignitaries in front of the mediated world audience. Symbolically, the Hong Kong handover is also a stage for ideological contestation between East and West, and between capitalism and socialism in the post-Cold War context. The media, representing national discursive communities, are the principal reality constructors and ideological contestants.

Before arriving in Hong Kong, many Canadian journalists—from noncompeting organizations—got together to exchange information and to enlarge personal contacts, vowing to be in touch while there. The Liberty Times from Taiwan teams up with the western media—to compensate for its weaker resources—through the friendship its deputy chief editor had made with leading western colleagues while translating their books into Chinese. In return, his western partners profit from his expert knowledge of Chinese economy.

China’s state-run “Big Three” virtually monopolize the entire team. $11 million and takes two years to plan, is the largest of its kind ever built in Hong Kong. This huge physical stage can be regarded as a symbolic backstage for world journalists to cover the handover. The GIS has an information counter working around the clock during the span of PBC’s operation. 9 *Source: Handover Ceremony Coordination Office as of May 8, 1997 feeds from different venue locations around Hong Kong. They can book studios, editing suites, and a video library with record and playback facilities.

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