Good Writing for Journalists by Angela Phillips

By Angela Phillips

It is a ebook in regards to the paintings of writing for newspapers and journal, yet does not examine punctuation, spelling, and the stylistic conventions of ‘everyday’ journalism. in its place, stable Writing For reporters provides prolonged examples of writing that are robust, memorable, colourful, or humorous. every piece is contextualized and analyzed encouraging readers to profit from the easiest practitioners. This book inspires those that need to make their writing person and remarkable. alongside the best way the most important parts of non-fiction writing are brought, in chapters prepared via style – profile writing, reportage, information research, research, activities writing, own and opinion columns and ‘lifestyle’ between them.

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This style evolved from the days of ‘hot metal’ printing presses when stories were often crudely cut from the bottom if they were too long. Most news stories are still structured in this way. 2 Story form: If you are using story form, then you will be presenting your material through the eyes of a main protagonist and you will develop the ‘plot’ by taking your protagonist (perhaps supported by other characters) through a series of trials. They may be internal (the anguish of losing an important game, the joy of falling in love after the pain of a divorce, the fear of losing a job or an important position), or external (war, financial collapse or criminal acts).

Qxd 11/21/2006 12:27 PM Page 30 Hard news journalists think that feature writers aren’t reporters but the best feature writers are the best reporters. Reporting is absolutely key. You can get a lazy writer who has the skill but doesn’t go out and really dig – not just ask one neighbour but four neighbours. You have to ask and ask and ask so that you end up understanding the culture you are reporting. You may not show very much of what you have learned but the culture should infuse the whole piece.

The understanding of cause may provide closure. Explore the evidence first, allow the controlling idea to flow from it, and then shape the piece so that it continually refers back to this story spine. Of course you need to have an idea to start with, but never assume that your initial hunch will turn out to be right. If you don’t leave yourself room at the start to change your mind, then you may charge up blind alleys or produce an article which is misleading or, more likely, hesitant and rambling because you are trying to force the facts to fit your preconceptions.

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