Great Ages of Man Ancient Egypt by Lionel Casson

By Lionel Casson

Nice a long time of guy old Egypt /
For many folks historic Egypt is a baffling phenomenon. definitely it truly is outstanding, with its amazing monuments, its 3 thousand years of history,
and its acceptance for mammoth studying and ability. however, a tradition of now abandoned monuments, of aloof statues,
of a flat and static paintings and of gaping mummies by no means turns out to pulse with solid purple blood.
We believe no kinship to the austere King Khafre within the Cairo Museum or to Queen Hatshepsut masquerading as Osiris within the Metropolitan Museum,
New York. the tale of old Egypt turns out extra like a delusion than human history.
I have scanned this outdated booklet belonging to my father that used to be published over forty years again.

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The sites of the seven mouths of the old river are shown by arrows. " When the waters recede, they leave behind a layer of fertile silt—"black land", the Egyptians called it, to distinguish it from the sterile "red land" of the desert. Egypt is "the gift of the river", Herodotus noted. Without the Nile, the country would have been barren; with it, the pharaohs ruled one of the most richly endowed lands of the age. The Egyptians never had to scan the skies anxiously in search of rain; every summer the Nile provided irrigation.

C. " Ancient Egypt by no means had an affluent society; the poor lived in the humblest of homes and they worked all their lives. But so long as the central authority was strong and efficient, few went hungry, and throngs of the humble were regaled at public expense during the holidays, some of which lasted for weeks. And to judge by the tomb paintings, the gaiety and zest for life were by no means limited to the rich. The artists make the good cheer, the lightheadedness, the fun that was to be found in humble lives, abundantly clear.

Egypt was at peace and trade was flourishing. Except for putting d o w n a rebellion in Nubia, Amenhotep engaged in few military ventures. He entered instead on a vast building programme—a court, colossal statues, a funerary temple for himself and temples in other cities throughout the land. The protests led a generation of scholars to believe that indifference on the part of Amenhotep III and his son and their failure to give help when it was needed allowed the Egyptian empire to fall apart, but that theory is n o w in dispute.

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