Greek Art from Prehistoric to Classical

В этой публикации представлена музейная коллекция образцов греческого искусства от доисторического периода до конца классической эпохи.
Кроме большого числа иллюстраций памятников греческого искусства в книгу включена краткая история Афин с 6-го по 4-м веке до н.э., комментарии в адрес художников, различный биографические данные и много другой дополнительной информации.
Хотя книга и написана на английском языке, благодаря большому количеству иллюстраций многое понятно и без слов.

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Terracotta Panathenaic prize amphora (storage vessel). Attic, black-figure, ca. . Attributed to the Euphiletos Painter. ) Figure . Bronze statuette of Herakles. Greek, ca. . ) 33 Figure . Detail of a kithara player from a terracotta amphora (storage vessel). Attic, red-figure, ca. . Attributed to the Berlin Painter. C. . , led to a more democratic system of government. , the Persian kings Darius I and Xerxes invaded mainland Greece, twice plundering and destroying Greek centers, even the Athenian akropolis itself.

Among the earliest examples of the type, the New York kouros (slide ) reveals Egyptian influence in both its pose and its proportions. Erected in sanctuaries and cemeteries outside the city walls, these large stone statues served as dedications to the gods or as grave markers. Athenian aristocrats frequently erected expensive funerary monuments in the city and its environs, especially for members of their family who had died in the flower of youth. Such monuments could also take the form of a tall shaft (stele), often decorated in relief (fig.

He imbued any scene he created, even the most ordinary, with a sense of dignity and grandeur. . This technique gradually replaced the earlier black-figure. . . reveled in the world of myth, early red-figure artists were interested in scenes of everyday life, which allowed them to show off their mastery of the new medium. Athletics, drinking, warfare, and other more down-to-earth themes thus took their place beside the exploits of Greek gods and heroes. Although significant exceptions exist, the vases primarily depicted an Athenian man’s world.

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