Gregory of Tours: Glory of the Martyrs by Raymond Van Dam

By Raymond Van Dam

The 1st translation into English of 1 of Gregory's 8 books of miracle tales, which includes a sequence of anecdotes concerning the lives and cults of martyrs.

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The gem formed by divine power at Bazas Since I have mentioned Bazas, I think it worthwhile to relate a miracle that the Lord bestowed on that city. At a time when the city was surrounded by Huns during a long siege, the bishop who then presided walked about chanting psalms and praying for an entire night and requested, not the aid of any man, but only the pity of the Lord. He continually urged everyone to pray and not to cease, claiming that the requests of the humble would enter the gates of heaven.

Queen Radegund, who is comparable to Helena in both merit and faith, requested relics of this cross and piously placed them in a convent at Poitiers that she founded out of her own zeal. She repeatedly sent servants to Jerusalem and throughout the entire region of the East. These servants visited the tombs of holy martyrs and confessors and brought back relics of them all. ' Of these miracles I will first mention this one that the Lord deigned to reveal during the days of his suffering. On the [Good] Friday before holy Easter when [the nuns] were spending the night in vigils without any light, about the third hour of the night a small light appeared before the altar in the shape of a spark.

29. John the evangelist The apostle John, an evangelist of God, after completing the course of his prescribed struggle and the text of his teaching of salvation descended into a tomb while he was still alive and ordered that he be covered in the ground. Still today his tomb produces manna with the appearance of flour; blessed relics of this manna are sent throughout the entire world and perform cures for ill people. This is that John whom the Lord loved more than [he loved] the other apostles and who was privileged by the love of such affection that he reclined on the shoulder of the sacred body and drank in the secrets of the heavenly mysteries.

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