Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. Protostomes by Michael Hutchins

By Michael Hutchins

V. 1. decrease metazoans and lesser deuterostomes / Neil Schlager, editor -- v. 2. Protostomes / Neil Schlager, editor -- v. three. bugs / Neil Schlager, editor -- v. 4-5. Fishes I-II / Neil Schlager -- v. 6. Amphibians / Neil Schlager, editor -- Reptiles / Neil Schlager, editor -- v. 8-11. Birds I-IV / Donna Olendorf, undertaking editor -- v. 12-16. Mammals I-V -- v. 17. Cumulative index.; ''This is a revised and up-to-date version of 1 of the main authoritative and entire resources at the world's animals. just like the 1st version written via famous zoologist Bernard Grzimek and released in 1972, the second one version covers every kind of animals in geographic components around the globe. It comprises high quality pictures and illustrations and a accomplished index to all volumes.''--''The best 20 Reference Titles of the Year,'' American Libraries, could 2004

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Insects is a time period we use freely for something from a spider to a moth to a beetle to an ant. such a lot bugs are usually not insects. real insects of the area describes the bugs referred to as the Hemiptera: Heteroptera, the biggest staff of bugs on this planet and the main various. There are seventy five households and a few 38,000 species came across on all continents other than Antarctica.

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Some species have more than one larval stage. Asexual reproduction has been reported to occur, but has been poorly studied. Resources Books Arthur, Wallace. The Origin of Animal Body Plans: A Study in Evolutionary Developmental Biology. : Cambridge University Press, 1997. Conn, David Bruce. Atlas of Invertebrate Reproduction and Development, 2nd ed. New York: Wiley-Liss, 2000. Conn, David Bruce, Richard A. Lutz, Ya-Ping Hu, and Victor S. Kennedy. Guide to the Identification of Larval and Postlarval Stages of Zebra Mussels, Dreissena spp.

Except for the aplacophorans, all other mollusks have solid calcareous shells produced by glands in their mantles. These shells, which provide structural support and serve as defense mechanisms, vary greatly in size and shape. The most diverse group of animals with exoskeletons is phylum Arthropoda, which includes over one million described species, most of them in the two classes Crustacea and Insecta. The first arthropods probably arose in Precambrian seas over 600 mya, and the true crustaceans were already well established by the early Cambrian period.

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