Handbook of sports and media by Arthur A. Raney, Jennings Bryant

By Arthur A. Raney, Jennings Bryant

Guide covers the breadth of activities and media scholarship. For scholars/researchers/students in media leisure, media psych, mass media/mass comm, activities mktg/mgmt, well known comm, pop culture & cultural reports. activities and media within the historic Mediterranean / Thomas F. Scanlon -- old assessment of activities and media within the usa / Jennings Bryant, Andrea M. Holt -- activities and media in the course of the great glass reflect: putting blame, breast-beating, and a gaze to the long run / Lawrence A. Wenner -- activities media: a latest establishment / Robert V. Bellamy -- activities content material on U.S. tv / Dan Brown, Jennings Bryant -- assurance of activities in print media / Wayne Wanta -- assurance of activities on radio / John W. Owens -- Broadcast tv and the sport of packaging activities / David B. Sullivan -- insurance of activities on cable television / Chris wooden, Vince Benigni -- activities on-line: the most recent participant in mediasport / Michael genuine -- activities fiction: serious and empirical views / R. Glenn Cummins -- replacement media as opposed to the Olympic / Helen Jefferson Lenskyj -- international Cup worlds: media insurance of the football global Cup 1974 / Andrew Tudor -- Gender warriors in recreation: girls and the media / Margaret Carlisle Duncan -- using televised activity to learn prime-time lineups: analyzing the effectiveness of activities merchandising / Andrew C. Billings -- 60 seconds to air: tv activities creation fundamentals and learn overview / Marc A. Krein, Sheree Martin. activities economics and the media / Michael Mondello -- activities sponsorship / Lance Kinney -- Why we watch and luxuriate in mediated activities / Arthur A. Raney -- explanations and effects of recreation staff identity / Daniel L. Wann -- activity, violence, and the media / Barrie Gunter -- Televised NFL video games, the relatives, and household violence / Walter Gantz, Samuel D. Bradley, Zheng Wang -- myth activities: heritage, online game kinds, and examine / Richard G. Lomax -- Untapped box: exploring the realm of digital activities gaming / David Leonard -- New on-line area: recreation, advertising, and media converge in our on-line world / Joseph E. Mahan, Stephen R. McDaniel -- game and globalization: key matters, stages, and developments / Joseph Maguire -- recreation, the media, and the development of race / Andrew Grainger, Joshua I. Newman, David L. Andrews -- Crouching tiger, hidden blackness: Tiger Woods and the disappearance of race / Davis W. Houck -- girls, group activities, and the WNBA: taking part in like a lady / Daniela Baroffio-Bota, Sarah Banet-Weiser -- considering via strength in recreation and activity media scholarship / Mary G. McDonald -- international of criminals or a media development? Race, gender, megastar, and the athlete/criminal discourse / David Leonard -- wearing our bodies / Davis W. Houck -- activities mascots and the media / C. Richard King, Laurel Davis-Delano, Ellen Staurowsky, Lawrence Baca -- incapacity and recreation: (non)coverage of an athletic paradox / Marie Hardin

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One such newspaper was James Gordon Bennett’s New York Herald. Bennett’s strategy for creating a broad-based truly popular newspaper centered on the use of news features, including sports news, to attract a wider audience, (p. 199) With these breakthroughs came several “firsts,” including (1) the first specialized sports reporters: “Earliest specialization in sports news is represented by the ‘turf men’ who on some papers covered races in addition to other duties” (Mott, p. 443); (2) even more specialized baseball reporters: “Probably the first baseball reporter was Henry Chadwick, who had written about cricket matches for the Times and later the Tribune, but who went to work with the Herald as a sports reporter in 1862” (Mott, p.

This date falls just before the traditional dates of 750 to 725 for the composition of the two great Homeric epics. Again, with Homer’s texts, the dates of inception are disputed. Undoubtedly, parts of the Iliad and Odyssey retain passages that reflect historical Bronze Sports and Media in the Ancient Mediterranean 9 Age society and poetry, and oral versions with some greater poetic synthesis of extant myths existed since at least the eighth century. This study follows in general the evolutionary model of the Harvard scholar Gregory Nagy for the formative stage of diffusion in the second half of the eighth century and a more definitive stage in the middle of the sixth, when Panathenaic recitations began under the regime of the Peisistratids (Nagy, 1996).

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