Hartmut Elsenhans and a Critique of Capitalism: by Neil Wilcock, Corina Scholz

By Neil Wilcock, Corina Scholz

This e-book offers a chain of interviews with Hartmut Elsenhans on his wide-ranging theories and their coverage implications. Serving as a compilation of his distilled innovations, we consult with him his exact global financial thought, his theorisation of social activities, his paintings on overcoming underdevelopment, and masses extra.

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Basically, they now have income streams from this money because Norway is a country that has invested massively in international financial markets. The same is true for Kuwait and some other Arab Gulf countries. To clarify, Norway is a rent situation but not a situation of a state class – the rents are used wisely and the people in charge are open and accountable, and at risk of being disposed if the public chooses to. If rent situations are inevitable, as I concede they can be, then they must be used in a way that benefits the wider population and not for elite consumption, which in most cases they are.

When resources in relation to population decrease, labour becomes less productive. If there is no land and no water, additional peasants cannot produce anything. A surplus of labour will also emerge. Whereas employment under capitalism is the result of demand for labour given its positive productivity, the power re-balances in favour of the rentiers who are in a position to accept some from a vast pool of desperate labour. This shift in power to the owners of the means of production will allow those in command to maximise their take by stepping up the exploitation further.

Some argue spin-offs of specialised productions are a side effect but its effects are limited for development overall. I give you an example in oil production. You will not be able to transfer the knowledge of this heavy Overcoming Underdevelopment 45 drilling machine that drills down to 1500 metres onto a drilling machine for the household or small craftsmen. The differences in drilling purpose are too great. To say again, the spin-off that comes from those specialised items is very limited. And the later you enter the process of specialisation, the more the equipment is specialised.

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