Herodotus in Nubia by László Török

By László Török

20th century commentaries on Herodotus' passages on Nubia, the ancient nation of Kush and the Aithiopia of the Greek culture, depend totally on an superseded and biased interpretation of the textual and archaeological facts. Disputing either the Nubia snapshot of 20th century Egyptology and the Herodotus interpretation of conventional Quellenkritik, the writer lines again the Aithiopian details that used to be on hand to Herodotus to a discourse on Kushite kingship created lower than the Nubian pharaohs of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty and preserved within the Ptah sanctuary at Memphis. inadequate for a self-contained Aithiopian emblems, the knowledge got by means of Herodotus enhances and helps bills of the land, origins, customs and heritage of different peoples and bears a relation to the purpose of the particular narrative contexts into which the writer of The Histories inserted it.

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67). Cf. , 235ff. See the throne names of Analma'aye, FHN I No. (46), Amaniastabarqo, ibid. No. (52), Si'aspiqo, ibid. No. (53). Except for Amaniastabarqo, FHN I No. (52). 26 chapter 1 reduced Egyptian titularies occurring with Psamtek III, the last Twenty-Sixth Dynasty king, and with most Persian kings of the Twenty-Seventh Dynasty,180 rather than an independent departure from the five-part titulary in an attempt to create a non-Egyptian type of titularies and introduce titles indicating native traditions of rulership.

9. the aithiopian passages in english translation 35 they would not even have been able to live that long if they had not restored themselves with this drink—and he drew the attention of the Fish-eaters to the wine, for in that respect his people were inferior to the Persians. 23 When the Fish-eaters in turn asked the King about the Aithiopians’ lifespan and food habits, he answered that most of them attained 120 years, that some surpassed even that, and that their food was boiled meat and their drink milk.

The Delta dynasts hastened to renew their status as Assyrian vassals. Ashurbanipal’s army pursued Tanwetamani and laid siege to Thebes, from where Tanwetamani withdrew to Kush. 164 Psamtek I of Sais was recognised by the Assyrians as sole king of Egypt. 165 In 656bc, he finally was able to arrange for 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 Cf. Onasch 1994 151 f. Cf. Breyer 2003. Tanwetamani’s Dream Stela, Cairo JE 48863, Grimal 1981b Pls I–IV; FHN I No. 29. ; Kahn 2006a 264f. With the sack and burning of Thebes the inconceivable happened: Nahum 1–3.

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