Highway Robbery by Kate Thompson

By Kate Thompson

The rider sprang off as mild as a cat and pulled the reins over the horse's head. Then he marched directly over to me and positioned them into my hand. "Hold the mare for me, lad. And whilst I get back, i will offer you a golden guinea." a depressing stranger leaves his awesome horse within the care of a boy he is by no means met. As nightfall falls, others supply to pay the boy handsomely for the animal. Then infantrymen arrive, tough to grasp the place the horse's proprietor has long past. might the stranger be the infamous Dick Turpin, identified for his bold holdups and remarkable exploits? Is the pony the mythical Black Bess? and may the boy ever see the present he is been promised? there is mischief within the air, however it isn't really totally transparent who is inflicting it.

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This time he had someone with him: a stout man in a waistcoat and a pair of very muddy riding breeches. You might think his attire marked him as a gentleman, sir, but I assure you he wasn’t. He might have been better dressed, but he was made of the same stuff as Toothless, without a doubt. 46 Highway Robbery And like Toothless had done, he never looked at me at all, but walked around the mare and examined her from every angle you can imagine. And when he’d done that, he strode up to her head, and without any warning or by-your-leave he pulled open her lips to look at her teeth.

Or shining boots like yours, sir. I’m sure that you can understand why I was engaged in such a fierce battle with my conscience. Old Toothless turned to observe a cart that was trundling slowly toward us, and I 35 Kate Thompson turned to look at it too. It was loaded with turnips and carrots and guarded by two burly farmers, one in front at the horse’s head and the other behind. Both of them carried cudgels. 36 Highway Robbery When I turned back, Toothless had disappeared. There hadn’t been time for him to get to the end of the street, and I guessed he must have turned into one of the alleyways.

You know, sir, it never occurred to me for an instant to mistrust those two. Maybe it was the slow, solid way they moved, or the hard days of work stored up in their muscles, or maybe it was just their eyes, blue as the summer sky and filled with nothing but wonderment. 39 Kate Thompson So I told them about the gentleman and his wild ride into town, and I told them about the promise of the golden guinea, and I told them as well about old Toothless and his sneaky attempts to buy the mare. ” said Haystack.

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