Hydrology. An Advanced Introduction to Hydrological by Arved J. Raudkivi (Auth.)

By Arved J. Raudkivi (Auth.)

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11 for AW = 0 the speci­ 1 since dv w /dT is negligibly small. 24 becomes since c - c y = R. 23 dL ev I - cl + R = c I - cl ! 25 30 Hydrology It follows that the rate of change of the latent heat of evaporation with absolute temperature is equal to the difference between the specific heat at constant pres­ sure of the vapour and the specific heat of water. 37(T - 273) kJ kg"1 = 2264 kJ kg" 1 at 100 °C These latent heats are large compared to other known substances and they have an im­ portant influence on microclimate.

We will consider first the atmospheric stability governed by dp = - pg dz, pv = RT, a. 45 is the potential energy acquired by a unit mass when lifted from z = 0 to z. Special limiting types of atmosphere are (i) homogeneous atmosphere is one of constant density. 46 - f = - 3 4 . 47 atmosphere in which T = T Q - αζ, ρ = p/RT and dp = - 2t 2£ dz. 48 The dry adiabatic atmosphere is one of constant lapse rate, with α^ = g/c p = 9 . 4 °F/1000 ft) and constant potential temperature Θ (isentropic). For moist air T* is used.

7. The latter are determined by the state of the system so that it suffices to know p and v. Each closed curve on one plane corresponds to a closed curve on the other, but not necessarily of the same shape. e. Hpdv + AdB) = 0 For the closed line integral to be zero the integrand must be an exact differential, for example dC pdv + AdB = dC where C = f(v, B). )v o AI Fig. 7 Definition diagram for transformation of thermo­ dynamic diagrams. Further ΙΕΛ l 3B J - 3 2 C . 41 Elements of Meteorology and the areas are equal.

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