JavaScript Cookbook: Programming the Web by Shelley Powers

By Shelley Powers

Problem fixing with JavaScript is lots trickier now that its use has improved significantly in measurement, scope, and complexity. This cookbook has your again, with recipes for universal initiatives around the JavaScript international, even if you’re operating within the browser, the server, or a cellular atmosphere. every one recipe contains reusable code and useful suggestion for tackling JavaScript gadgets, Node, Ajax, JSON, info endurance, graphical and media functions, advanced frameworks, modular JavaScript, APIs, and plenty of comparable technologies.

Aimed at those that have a few adventure with JavaScript, the 1st half covers conventional makes use of of JavaScript, besides new rules and enhanced performance. the second one half dives into the server, cellular improvement, and a plethora of modern instruments. You’ll retailer time—and study extra approximately JavaScript within the process.

Topics include:

Classic JavaScript:

  • Arrays, features, and the JavaScript Object
  • Accessing the person interface
  • Testing and accessibility
  • Creating and utilizing JavaScript libraries
  • Client-server verbal exchange with Ajax
  • Rich, interactive net effects

JavaScript, All Blown Up:

  • New ECMAScript average objects
  • Using Node at the server
  • Modularizing and handling JavaScript
  • Complex JavaScript frameworks
  • Advanced client-server communications
  • Visualizations and client-server graphics
  • Mobile program development

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Our use of valueOf() is limited. The method is primarily used by the JavaScript engine, itself, to handle conversions in instances when a primitive is expected and the engine is given an object. The process is complex, and normally your application usually won’t have to be this extensive when testing a value. You’ll typically only need to test whether a variable has been set (typeof returns the correct data type), or find the length of a string in order to ensure it’s not an empty string. ==) elsewhere in the book.

Undefined')... But it’s not sufficient, because null variables have a typeof value equal to object. = 'undefined' && unknownVariable) ... Just listing the variable is sufficient to test whether it’s null or not. We still don’t know, though, if the variable is a nonempty string. length > 0) ... If the variable is a number, the test fails because a number doesn’t have a length. The String object and string literal variables succeed, because both support length. However, an array also succeeds, because the Array object also supports length.

12. Converting a Decimal to a Hexadecimal Value Problem You have a decimal value, and need to find its hexadecimal equivalent. toString(16)); Discussion By default, numbers in JavaScript are base 10, or decimal. However, they can also be converted to a different radix, including hexadecimal (16) and octal (8). toString(2); // value of 110111 binary To complete the octal and hexadecimal presentation, you’ll need to concatenate the zero to the octal, and the 0x to the hexadecimal value. Although decimals can be converted to any base number (between a range of 2 to 36), only the octal, hexadecimal, and decimal numbers can be manipulated, directly as numbers.

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