Journalism in the Fallen Confederacy by Debra Reddin van Tuyll

By Debra Reddin van Tuyll

In the course of the American Civil warfare, a number of newspapers remained accomplice sympathizers regardless of their destinations being occupied by means of Union troops. analyzing those papers, the authors discover what equipment of suppression occupiers used, how profession encouraged the editorial and company aspects of the click, and the way career impacted freedom of the clicking.

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Slough, who had been military governor of Alexandria since August 1862, received permission from the War Department to arrest a number of Alexandrians and force them to ride on the trains Mosby was attacking. m. m. 45 He explained his decision to readers in an editorial that day. ”47 This suspension would last the rest of 1864. However, by January 1865, the paper would begin publishing again. Snowden made many of the same promises to readers he had the previous fall in his new edition. “Special attention will be given to the publication of intelligence of interest to the citizens of this city and its vicinity,” he vowed.

Paul’s Church where the Rev. Kinsey J. Stewart was officiating, and he offended the Illinois troopers by omitting the prayer for President Lincoln. According to the Local News, As the minister was commencing the Litany, some one from the pew filled by the military, demanded that “the prayer for the President of the United States should be read”—and the demand was repeated by an officer near him, dressed in uniform. The minister not heeding the interruption, was proceeding with the Litany, when a sergeant was ordered to arrest him .

Instead, they closed the office and suspended the paper. 0005 “Sic Semper Tyrannis”  themselves. They then sacked the office and destroyed property and looted bonds and certificates. 18 The Local News begins In October, when the Snowdens returned to publishing, their newspaper had a new name, the Local News, and a new editor, Edgar, Jr. —his father was not allowed to edit the new paper. They also had a new partner, W. F. 20 The new paper was a daily, though it was much smaller than the Gazette had been—only four columns wide.

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