Neue Beiträge zur Kenntniss des oberen Jura und der by Struckmann C.

By Struckmann C.

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Politikwissenschaft und Politische Bildung

Wolfgang Jäger Udo Kempf hat eine großartige Bilanz als Hochschullehrer und Wissenschaftler vorzuweisen. Dies zeigt sich nicht zuletzt darin, dass er nicht nur eine Professur an der Pädagogischen Hochschule wahrnimmt, sondern auch an der Universität gefragt ist. Jahrzehntelang battle er am Seminar für Wissenschaftliche Politik ein beliebter Dozent.

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Many a woman’s beauty is widely praised. 4 I think it no trifling matter if a man works a noble ruby into base brass – and the whole of his adventure5 –– to that I liken a true woman’s mind. If if a woman does justice to her womanliness, then it is not for me to scrutinise her complexion, nor her heart’s covering – what is outwardly visible. Provided she is intact within her breast, then noble fame will remain unimpaired there. If I were now to scrutinise both women and men as I am well capable of doing, it would bring with it a long tale.

Peter Knecht’s translation into Modern German boldly attempts to reproduce this device, but it seems beyond the possibilities of contemporary English. The frequent switches of tense from past to present, sometimes but by no means always brought about by rhyme-compulsion, have an approximate equivalent in the English use of the Historic Present, so they have been retained, as has the frequent use of litotes and euphemism. When Orgeluse says to Gawan: ‘In iron-clad arms I have seldom grown warm’, she obviously means ‘never’.

There they were all alike lamenting Isenhart, who had lost his life in service of a woman. He was compelled to it by Belacane, that gentle lady free of falsity. Because she never offered him her love, he lay dead for love for her. His kinsmen avenged him both openly and in ambush. They oppressed the lady with their army. She was defending herself valiantly when Gahmuret came into her land, to which Fridebrant of Scotland, with his ship’s army, had set fire before he departed. Now hear how our knight fares: the sea threw him there with such a storm that he scarcely survived.

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