News Coverage of Violence against Women: Engendering Blame by Marian Meyers

By Marian Meyers

Marian Meyers explores proof that indicates that information assurance in North American towns commonly depicts felony violence opposed to women another way from how it depicts violence opposed to men. She argues that this serves to perpetuate conventional, inegalitarian gender stereotyping.

Using unique study and qualitative textual research, the writer discloses the underlying ideology, myths and assumptions inside of information assurance, and issues out the ways that information broadcasting impacts how we view the realm and our lives. Meyers advocates a re-assessment of crime information from a feminist standpoint and a broadening of conventional understandings of the social development of reports to incorporate problems with gender, race and clas

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Sheffield (1993) similarly points out that obscene phone calls embody ”the patriarchal myths of rape: that women are sexually ‘bad‘-depraved, insatiable, lustful” (p. 78). Belief in these myths, she adds, allows men to justify their behavior with the claim that women deserve or like it. One of the functions of the mythology of anti-woman violence is to reinforce patriarchy by obscuring or ”naturalizing” the relationship of sexist violence to male supremacy. What can be called antiwoman violence because it is directed specifically against women by men appears to be not simply common and everyday but “just the way things are,” part of the natural and correct order of the universe.

The violence escalates as the cycle is repeated so that the beatings become progressively more severe and more frequent. Most battered women who kill their abusers are convicted due to the narrow confines of the law of selfdefense and the "deadly force doctrine," which stipulates that deadly force is not justified as selfdefense unless it reasonably appeared necessary as a way for the woman to protect herself from imminent death or serious bodily injury (Ewing, 1987; Gillespie, 1989). The fact that the woman had survived previous batterings is used against her, for juries question how a woman reasonably could have concluded that she was in imminent danger when she had survived previous beatings without being killed.

Hall also identifies liberalism with a free market ideology that opposes intervention by the State to remedy inequities in the distribution of resources and opportunities among competing classes (p. 41). Within liberalism, inequality and class differences appear to be the natural, commonsenseoutcome of initiative or lack thereof. Because the meaning of race is never genderless, it is comprehended through consensual notions of what properly constitutes masculinity or femininity. Indeed, it is impossible to understand violence against women without understanding how race, class, and gender are intertwined within its representation.

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