Our Daily Bread by Francisco Candido Xavier

By Francisco Candido Xavier

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Human ignorance, however, finds in the first, the liquor of intoxication, and in the second, it identifies the bile for desperation. This is precisely the point where the profound error lies, because the wise person will extract from happiness and pain, from abundance or from scarcity, the Divine contents. ” Paul (Colossians, 3:25) The understanding of service to Jesus, among human beings will in the future reach greater depths for the glorification of the One who watches over us closely, and who has done so since the very first day, illuminating our path with the Divine Light.

The Gospel shall be preached to the people so that each one can understand and achieve the superior goals of life. It is for this reason that only those incarnates that know how to persevere are able to break the bud of animalistic conditions. When the Master applauded persistence, He was demonstrating the arduous tasks of those striving to achieve the excellence of the spiritual path. It is essential to eliminate those false notions of gratuitous favors from the Divinity. No one will be able to flee with impunity from the respective effort required of him for his task toward personal perfection.

A mind at prayer moves continuously vibrating in the invisible sphere. The incarnates, even though they are unknown to each other, concerning conventional activities, do communicate with one another via the delicate fibers of will manifested through the prayer. It is in such instances, that we should consecrate ourselves, exclusively to the most elevated zone within us, as we send messages, calls, intentions, projects and anxieties that seek a suitable objective. Whoever utilizes this opportunity, consciously or unconsciously, to project currents of ill will, deserves our pity.

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