Phantom Stallion #11: Untamed by Terri Farley

By Terri Farley

Samantha discovers a plot to wipe out the wild horses close to her family's ranch, yet she cannot persuade an individual else that the Phantom's herd wishes support.

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Right now, Penny didn’t look the least bit pitiful. She gave a low neigh and danced in place. Her neck curved toward the ten-acre pasture as if she’d march right over to investigate the horses she could smell and hear. Instead, Brynna led Penny toward the pipe corral the hands had set up next to the saddle horse pasture. “Anyway, I couldn’t stand to see them put her down,” Brynna said. “And it was a good decision to adopt her. Penny’s still the most collected, responsive horse I’ve ever ridden.

The words came out like a cry. “What about the horses? ” “Sure. She always was,” he admitted. “Some hunters thought horses were pushy and ran off the game. ” He nodded slowly. “I think that’s what this is about. ” Sam stared at her father’s calm brown eyes. Above them, she noticed the strip of white skin on his forehead, where his cowboy hat blocked the sun. “Dad, I don’t think that’s all it was,” Sam insisted. He started to speak, then stopped and considered her with a pitying expression. Terri Farley / 49 “Maybe not,” he said.

He looked away from Jen, but kept one ear tipped in her direction. Sam rubbed Ace’s neck, but it was Jen she needed to convince. “Jen, the guy is gone. ” Sam asked. With precise thoughtfulness, Jen lifted each braid back over her shoulders. ” Sam bit her lip. Jen prided herself on acting cool and level-headed, so Sam didn’t remind her that she was the one who’d shouted that they should run. “It was a shot, all right. He took one from behind that sagebrush,” Sam said, pointing. “And that’s when you spotted him.

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