The Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs by Shelley B. Wepner, Joan T. Feeley

By Shelley B. Wepner, Joan T. Feeley

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3. Materials should be chosen to help schools achieve their reading goals. In an effective school reading program, materials should reflect the curriculum, goals, and objectives of the school. Too often, materials determine and drive the curriculum; they influence both activities and the content that students learn (Duffy, Roehler, & Mason, 1984). Although the basal reader is still used extensively as the predominant material and approach to reading at the elementary level, recently there have been many efforts to expand reading programs to include many more experiences with literature or trade books (Gambrell, 1992).

Strickland. 2nd ed.  cm.  ) and index.  Strickland, Dorothy S. 4'07'l2 dc20 94-39965 ISBN 0-8077-3414-4 (paper) ISBN 0-8077-3415-2 (cloth) IRA Inventory Number 158 Printed on acid-free paper Manufactured in the United States of America 02 01 00 99 8 7 6 5 4 3 Page v Again, to our parents, our first role models and supervisors: Carole and Bernard Markovitz Theresa and Ed Stollmeyer Evelyn and Leroy Salley Page vii CONTENTS Foreword by Jack Cassidy ix Preface xi Part I Overview 1 1. Effective Reading Program Development Rita M.

We would like to thank Dorothy Rowe, principal, and the staff and students of School 26, Paterson, NJ, and Erika Steinbauer, principal, and the staff and students of Cherry Hill School, River Edge, NJ, for allowing us to photograph them in their schools. We also gratefully acknowledge the following people for enhancing the quality of the book: Jean Sawey, typist; Andrew Clayton and Kozo Nozawa, photographers; Carol Collins, Development Editor, Teachers College Press; Sarah J. Biondello, Executive Acquisitions Editor, Teachers College Press; and all the administrators, supervisors, and teachers who have shared their ideas with us.

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